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Pig Hula is a bladed jig from Catch with Care. Built on the classic set up of a traditional chatter bait, the Pig Hula attracts the eye of the big perch angler! Standardized sizes of head and blade with a 4/0 hook aims for a choice of lure that runs with a powerful action and attraction. The Pig Hula is ideal for any water type to run through weeds or above solid bottom vegeta- tion. Wire lure keeper on the hook helps fixation of the trailer of your choosing. The head of the Pig Hula is colored and coated for additional attraction to the skirts of the bladed jig. Available in 11g, 16g and 21g.

  • Silicone skirt
  • Stainless steel binding wire
  • 4/0 Light Wire hook
  • UV-Coated
  • Hand painted

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