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Available in three sizes – 4, 7 and 10cm with 7, 5 and 3 lures in each pack respectively. Each size comes in 9 different colours.

Various colours are UV active throughout their range and each size craw is impregnated with a seafood scent for additional attraction!


Crayfish are on the rise in many bodies of water and are on the menu of lots of predatory fish. #LMAB has specially developed the Finesse Filet "Craw", a creature bait that is great for fishing for perch and zander. 

The thin, flat cray claws start to work with a slight pull and give the bait the necessary action. Due to the beefy body of the craw, the hook can have a great hold and won’t slip off. The little legs, which generate micro-vibrations with every pull, provide a special attraction.

The craw is ideal for fishing on finesse rigs;

  • Dropshot Rig - the imitation cray moves super seductively with the pincers the water. Even if you leave the lure standing, the slightest current of water is enough to breathe life into the bait. 
  • The Carolina Rig. Present the craw over the ground and give a rest to the rod every now and then, underwater it looks like the crab is fleeing in panic. This immediately activates the hunt mode in the predator and often provokes aggressive reaction bites. 
  • ·   Classic Jig Head - Simple jigging already creates a lot of movement in the bait, which in combination with the jerk movements, attracts a lot of attention from the predators. 
  • Trailer for chatterbaits - Pair up with the LMAB Multi Vibe for an even more attractive lure!

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